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Monday, March 1, 2010


By Sara Laub
The Iron Man Triathlon will be coming through Gunlock on May 1, 2010 and representatives came to the February GSSD meeting to present their plans and answer questions. The cycle portion of the race will close off half of the road so there will only be one way traffic. Gunlock residents can drive out through the south but will have to come home through Veyo. There will be traffic control for impact purposes. Contact Lieutenant Shauna Jones for any questions concerning this issue at 656-6503.
Please be aware that there will be an increase in cyclist traffic on the road as the event gets closer. About 60-80 volunteers are needed to help with the bike aid station. Those who are interested in helping can sign up on the website, For more information on this upcoming event, please come to the April GSSD meeting.

GSSD in February

By Sara Laub
New lights were installed in the park. The GSSD expressed gratitude to Ence Electric and Franklin Kolsky for making these lights possible. The board wants to gather more information from the residents of Gunlock to see if they are interested in having these same lights put in along Main Street by the Town Hall. They want people to respond with a written concern, if any.
A tree is down near the spring and the erosion is very messy. It is getting worse and plans were made to clean it up.

Tricky Trapdoor

For those in need of a leprechaun trap here is a great idea:
This trap draws on time-honored technology: a swinging door cut into the top of the box gives way when the leprechaun tries to make off with the bait. You can never have too many rainbows on your trap. This one is made from pipe cleaners.
For bait, try chocolate coins, shiny jewels, or even a worn-out doll shoe! (Leprechauns are cobblers by trade.) We glued the coins in a pile to keep them secure when the trap is sprung. Our trapdoor is a flap held up by a tab of card stock (taped in place after the box is decorated).
This climbing wall is sure to entice the wee adventurers. Ours consists of small rocks affixed with tacky glue to the sponge-painted box. We covered our box with tissue paper (green, of course) attached with glue stick.
Capture the look of the Irish countryside with stones and bits of moss..

Removing Silt in Reservoir

The county is hard at work digging out the silt to restore the reservoir to its previous banks near Gunlock Rock. Progress is coming along swimmingly and the large equipment is providing wonderful entertainment for boys (and men) of all ages and even a few passer-bys as they watch the loading and dumping of the dirt.
(photographs by Sara Laub)

Volunteers Needed!

By Rachel Campbell
Cub Scout Pack 410 has need of volunteers interested in helping with the Pack Committee. Positions vary, but most require only two meetings per month with the bonus of knowing that they have benefited the program and the boys.
The Pack Committee is also looking for donations in the form of craft/wood materials and any extra uniforms that anyone might have to start a Uniform Exchange program in which boys can “rent” a uniform and trade it in when they grow out of it. Uniforms can be the traditional blue or tan.
In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the BSA, Pack 410 is participating in 100 Hours of Service. The boys are looking for service projects to help complete these hours.
If you would like to volunteer, donate, or support the boys through providing them with the opportunity to do some service, please call Rachel Campbell at 435-773-2214
Thank you for your support!

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