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Friday, April 4, 2008

Due West Comes To Gunlock

By Sara Laub

With Tyler Truman leading the pack, Due West came to Gunlock. The country music group visited our town to do a benefit concert to help raise money for the Town Hall. There was a private concert at 6:00pm for the citizens of Gunlock and their families to enjoy the group in a casual setting.

The benefit concert started at 7:00pm and was open to anyone who had bought a ticket. A limited amount of tickets were sold for $30 each. This created a generous donation to help our community, and the town deeply enjoyed the concert and talent Due West offered. Thanks to all involved!

A New Vision for the Park

By Rachel Campbell
Members of the Gunlock Special Service District decided in the March meeting on forming a new plan for the Gunlock park. It was decided that the member over the park, Nadine Heaton, would put together a plan in which the community would help in the up keep of the park. Any individuals or groups that would like to help are encouraged to volunteer.

The proposed clean up would essentially consist of general landscape duty, such as weed pulling and sod laying. Hyrum Smith generously promised to donate sod to the cause.

Also discussed for the park was a playground and a new basketball court. Though formally thought to be unattainable, due to high insurance premiums, a playground plan started to take shape. The GSSD is looking into grants and donations to help fund the playground. It was decided that the benefit of the playground would far out weigh the cost of the insurance payments.

The new basketball court was proposed because of the new fire station that will be built next to the Town Hall . Concern for the safety of the citizens that use the court was expressed and it was discussed that the park would be a safer alternative to the present location.

Community Easter Egg Hunt

By Sara Laub

Gunlock residents and relatives gathered at the Town Hall for the annual Easter Egg hunt on Saturday, March 22. The wind was gusting, but the kids anxiously held their baskets as they waited for the hunt to begin. Three separate hunts were prepared for different age groups to enjoy collecting candy and special metallic eggs that could be turned in for prizes. There were doughnuts and orange juice for all in attendance. The Kip Bowler family, Scott Holt family, Tyler Truman family, and Harold Wallace Family made this exciting event possible.

Town Hall Meeting

By Sara Laub

The town had a community meeting at the Town Hall where two county officials came and gave a report on the hazard analysis survey they had conducted. They explained that the snow pack this year is equivalent to the snow pack of 2005 when it flooded, and the fire danger is also high due to cheat grass.

The fire season lasts for five months, starting in May and being prepared for the hazards was strongly emphasized. Family evacuation plans, 72 hour kits, defensible space around homes, and the available sandbag machine were discussed to help the community be prepared. A stronger bridge is going to be built on the north end of town to endure the flooding.

After the Community Disaster meeting, a meeting to discuss the Town Hall and Fire Department was held by Ed Bowler and endorsed by the other members of the Town Hall trustees. Three committees were created to fulfill the contract made between the town and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for the acquisition of the Town Hall. The committees consist of Grounds, Fire Department, & Demolition. To volunteer for a committee, contact Ed Bowler.

Citizen Comment

I’m thrilled to hear that someone is trying to keep everyone informed of what is going on!!! Thanks so much.

Mary Ellen S.


Enjoyed the newsletter immensely! You and Rachel did a great job putting it together. I think it is a great idea. I would only wish that it could be mailed out each month instead of being placed at the mailboxes. They could conveniently disappear or the wind could blow them over to Mesquite. You have our support in this new adventure. Being informed as to what is going on is key - a little unity wouldn’t hurt this town at all either.

Jane O.

To The Gunlock Informer,

I want to thank all who attended the GSSD meeting for their positive comments on the town park. I want to especially thank Sara Laub for The Gunlock Informer. I am happy there were decisions made to keep the park. I hope we can get playground equipment for all of us to play on. I hope that we can find someone to take over the soda machine.

Ann G.

Who Do You Know?

By Sara Laub

Why do those people in the line get a taller ice cream cone just because they know the person selling it to them? In life it seems that there are always people who get a break just because they know someone. How fair is it that there are only a few of us that know the right people that can give these breaks? Many of us have learned that life isn’t fair so that, in itself, makes it fair.

To all of our advantage, many of us are benefited from the few who know the right people. We all know Tyler Truman knows the country music group Due West and because of that we all were able to enjoy their talent. We are all given the opportunity to bless each other in our lives and be the “someone” that gives the people we know a “break”. This makes life fair.

Steve Holt gave the suggestion to spotlight different families in the town in the newsletter and I agree that it would be a good idea so we can all get to know each other better. Keep your eyes open in future issues to learn about your neighbors!

Minor, Michael L.

Minor, Michael L. - Michael Lowell Minor passed away Monday, March 10, 2008 in St. George of Lymphoma cancer. Michael worked with the State of Utah and Weber Basin Water Conservancy District in Layton for 32 years. He loved the outdoors working on the rivers, streams and reservoirs. He retired in December of 2007 and moved to Gunlock where he expected to spend many years. He loved working on old cars and enjoyed remodeling several homes, expressing his creativity. Surviving are his wife, Judy Minor, his children and grandchildren.

Florence Nightingale—Part Two

By Rachel Campbell

The next fourteen years of Florence’s life was wrought with trials and bitter conflict. About the time that the Nightingales returned to England, a terrible out break of illness and disease had consumed the poverty ridden of, not only London, but also the small villages in the country. The Nightingales decided to spend the spring in London as the renovations on their home would not be done until June.

While in London, Florence became good friends with her cousin, Marianne. In turn, Marianne’s older brother, Henry, became very fond of Florence. Though she did not love Henry, she encouraged his advances so as to remain close to Marianne.

As the years went on, Florence became an intellectual icon in society, or, as iconic as a woman could be at such a time. It was at this time, in the early 1840s that disease started to take its toll on the population of England. Seeing the suffering of the diseased, she discovered that certain parishes had institutions where young women could learn how to care for the sick.

The first attempt to broach this subject on the matter to her parents did not go well, in fact, it was down right a disaster.

To be continued in the May edition...

Simply Jane

3. Town in which Austen died
5. Mother's maiden name
6. She spent her first 25 years in this English country
7. After the death of her father, the Austen women went to live with this brother
9. Her brother and literary agent
10. Oldest Dashwood daughter in Sense & Sensibility
13. Jane's father's profession
14. _____ and Prejudice
17. _____ Park
19. Austen character portrayed by Knightly and Ehle (two words)
1. The first Jane Austen book ever published (in 1811)
2. Jane was born in this winter month
4. Her father's name
8. Age of Austen when she died
11. The only man known to have porposed to Austen
12. Austen's residence after her father retired
13. Austen's older sister
15. This Austen novel was the basis for the movie Clueless
16. Austen was one of ____ children who made it to adulthood
18. One of the forms of speech in which Austen was so masterful

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Intellectual Nourishment

Arrogance and rudeness are training wheels on the bicycle of life -- for weak people who cannot keep their balance without them.
_Laura Teresa Marquez

April Town Events

Apr 3: Gunlock Water Board Meeting. 7:00pm at the Town Hall.
Apr 4-5: Fire Squad Boss Class. Contact Kevin Laub for more information.
Apr 10: Fire meeting. 7:00pm at the Fire House.
Apr 12: Scout Expo. 9am-2pm at the Dixie Center. Contact a Scout to get your tickets.
Apr 15: Tax Day