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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Why a Newsletter?

By Sara Laub

Why would I start a newsletter? I have only lived and owned property in Gunlock for two years and I can already see the need to have something that helps inform the community of the events that take place here. Although some of you may think I may not be the right candidate for this, you must consider that I am a neutral source that can speak impartially.

This newsletter’s purpose will be to inform people of events, to educate people of both sides of the issues, to allow people to voice their opinions and concerns, to give this community a chance to pull together and unite to make Gunlock a greater place to live. The number one reason why I want to do this newsletter is because I care about our community and I want it to be the best place to raise all of our families.

GSSD Elects a New Member

By Sara Laub

A new member for the Gunlock Special Service District was voted in at the February meeting. Respected and long time board member Helen Gardner resigned and her position was then posted with only one timely response.

Scott Holt was voted in three votes to two votes. The opposing voters voiced their desire to wait until the March meeting to see if there was anyone else interested in the position, since the board had ninety days to fill the vacancy. Those voting in favor of Holt said that they wanted to “...just get it done.”

The GSSD also voted in favor, three votes to two, to pay the water bill for the Town Hall. Once again, the two votes opposing said they wanted to wait until other issues were resolved for financing. And again, those in favor wanted to “...just get it done.”

This is me... (Opinion)

By Sara Laub

This is my chance to say whatever I want since this is my opinion page. The thing that engaged me was ethics being brought up during the February GSSD meeting. There have been disappointing events at many of the meetings and I observed too much emotional involvement that, frankly, is inappropriate. This town is small and there are emotional things that happen, but there are appropriate places and ways where emotion can be displayed. Many people outside of this town have said that they, understandably, think the politics here are outrageous.

Back to ethics, is it ethical to have so much emotion at the GSSD meetings and should the community and board members allow each other to emotionally attack other citizens at the meetings? No. Is there a more effective way of getting public comment with out having emotion rule the meetings? There is a way and it is their responsibility. Does the community have a responsibility to express themselves appropriately? Yes, they are responsible. The water board meetings can be more productive and more stable if everyone does their part to act appropriately. We can change our reputation as a town so we can have an even better place to live.

Speaking of appropriate emotion, the Gunlock Park is on the agenda for the GSSD meeting on March 6. The town made that park possible by donations and other sacrifices. Here are some things to think about to help encourage you to go to the March meeting.

Gunlock incurred debt by redoing the water system and will be paying it back for many years to come. Next, the value of the caretakers and the job they are doing compared to the price paid to have them there. Consider the value of the park to the community and how much it is used. Should the GSSD continue the soda machine or should it be turned over to a private party? Here are some possible options:

  1. Leave the park as it is
  2. Keep the park without the caretakers
  3. Keep the park with the caretakers and have them pay their utilities (power, water, etc.
  4. Sell the park and use the money to pay off debt

These are my ideas and I really would like to hear your views at the meeting.

Water Line Breaks

By Sara Laub

Gunlock had a water line break along the dirt road leading to the town cemetery. The water line was believed to have been broken by a garbage truck early Monday morning, Feb. 4, after rain run off saturated and compromised the integrity of the dirt surrounding the pipe. The GSSD investigated the break Monday evening and decided to have it take care of the next day. The town was advised to boil their water.

Both water tanks were emptied and the town well was being pumped. The pipe, thought to be compacted incorrectly by the installers, is being looked into by the GSSD to have it fixed appropriately.

Botts & Gasparac

Ann Botts of Gunlock will be joined in marriage to Kent Joseph Gasparac of St. George on March 28, 2008. They will make their home in Gunlock.

Biographical Profile: Florence Nightingale-Part 1

By Rachel Campbell

For many British soldiers wounded in the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale was more than just another nurse. She was their angel.

Florence, more affectionately known as Flo, was born on May 12, 1820. The Nightingales had adopted the tradition of naming the child for the city that it was born in and when they had a daughter in Florence, Italy, she was christened Florence.

From a young age, Florence’s mother knew that she was different from other young ladies. Though Flo was brought up in the traditional English upper class mold, she did not delight in frivolity and parties as her mother and sister did. Instead, she would be found writing in her “notes”, reading in the library, or in deep intellectual discussion with her father.

It soon became apparent that Florence was to be the more handsome of the two daughters and her mother had high hopes that she would marry well. With very little persuasion, Fanny, Florence’s mother, decided that her two girls would make their debut in society while traveling throughout Europe. Unbeknownst to Fanny, Florence had a spiritual experience several months previously in which she heard God tell her that she would be called to do a great work. Determined to keep herself worthy of God’s great calling, she left with her family to tour all the popular European venues.

In Nice, Italy, Flo and her sister developed a fondness of dancing. Caught up in the whirlwind of “Ball Season”, Florence found herself incredibly popular and was very rarely in want of a dancing partner. Then, in Paris, Florence met a soul much like her own in the woman Mary Clarke. Miss Clarke was a small, bright woman that entertained many of the most intellectual minds in Europe. Through close observation of Miss Clarke and her dear friend, Claude Fauriel, Florence became aware of the fact that a man and a woman could be close with out having an intimate relationship and with out the scrutiny of society. If only England had the open mind of France…

Though she was having the time of her life, Flo was beginning to worry that she had lost favor in God’s sight. It had been over a year since her experience. She wrote in one of her famous notes that in order to make herself worthy of God’s service, she needed to overcome the temptation to “shine in society”.

To be continued in the April edition...

Movie Review: Amazing Grace

By Rachel Campbell

Michael Apted’s film, Amazing Grace is easily the most underrated film of the year 2007. Ioan Gruffudd plays the charming 18th century idealist, William Wilberforce, whose faith and courage led him to push for the abolishment of the English slave trade. Along the way, he finds his beautiful, fiery wife and realizes what it truly means to be “blind” and then “see”. This is an excellent film for families.

Rated PG for thematic material involving slavery, and some mild language.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

St. Patrick's Day (Something Extra)

3. St. Patrick's Day falls on this mainstream Christan Season
4. Until the 1970's, many of these were required to remain closed on March 17th
6. The official St. Patrick's Day Festival is held in this Irish city
8. St Patrick's mission to the Irish lasted for ______ years
9. Late 19th century Irish-American voting block (2 words)
11. Small, green plant known to the Celts as "seamroy"
15. The Irish have their own version of these famous musical instruments
17. The Great _______ Famine
18. City where first St. Patrick's Day Parade was held (2 words)
19. Christian conversion upset this group of pagan monks
1. Color associated with March 17th
2. Shiny, valuable metal that leprechauns are believed to guard
5. The first American city to celebrate the holiday
7. Irish folklore character whose original name was "lobaircin" meaning "small-bodied fellow"
10. City famous for dying its river green for the holiday
12. Finding a leprechaun's treasure depends upon following this object to its end
13. St. Patrick's birth name
14. "The ______ of the Irish"
16. The patron Saint of Ireland
20. St. Patrick spent ______ years in slavery in Ireland

Gunlock Town Events

Mar 06 - Monthly Water Board meeting at the Town Hall at 7:00 pm.
Mar 11 - Town meeting for Emergency with County at the Town Hall 6:00pm.
Mar 11 - Town meeting for Town Hall, Annex, and Fire Station at the Town Hall 7:00pm.
Mar 13 - The Gunlock Fire Department will be holding a fire meeting at the fire house at 7:00 pm. All volunteers and others interested are welcome to attend.
Mar 22 - Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt at the Town Hall at 9:00am.