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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April GSSD Meeting

By Rachel Campbell
Another month gone by and there is progress on the front of the chlorination system. It has been determined that a small, cinderblock building will be built on the Smith’s ranch to house the unit. Also, an underground apparatus will be put in near the tanks. With this new system, the water board is hopeful that we will finally meet state standards in this field. The cost for the system was placed at roughly $22,000. The water board will be submitting a grant application with the state to cover the cost.
The park was on the agenda again. With the recently installed playground equipment, the park has a whole new look. Professional playground equipment installers were called in for insurance purposes. Hopes are, with the two pieces, that the younger, smaller children can use the smaller equipment with less of a chance of the bigger children running them over.

Fire Grant

By Rachel Campbell
In the beginning of April, the Gunlock Fire Department submitted a grant to UFRA requesting funds to buy the necessary protection gear and fire suppression equipment that is up to date with current industry requirements. The grant totaled $35,000, 10-50% of which would have to be matched in the course of the year. The moneys can be matched by fundraising or in-kind service hours. Formerly, anyone who kept track of clearing debris could count their hours as in-kind service hours, but the rules have changed. Only those people officially a member of the fire department can submit those hours.
Knowing that the community would love to be involved and help, the Gunlock Fire Department is having a town meeting on Thursday, May 14th at 7:00 pm (did I mention there will be refreshments?). At the meeting, the citizens of Gunlock will learn what they can do with just an hour or two of their time to help the GFD get the required hours. See you there!

Crazy vs Normal

By Sara Laub
According to Webster’s Illustrated Dictionary, crazy and normal are defined as:
Crazy: insane; unsound; rickety; wildly eager or desirous.
Normal: regular; natural; customary; according to standard or rule. Having average intelligence and physical condition.
There seems to be an illusion that takes place when we are with other people and observing ourselves. There is this expectation for people to behave with a certain standard, mostly defined as normal, which seems fairly irrational if looked into closer.
Why do we expect people and ourselves to be normal? Normal is just average and not many people are average at all the things in life. Most people have talents exceeding normalcy and other traits would be considered below average, and the rest are left to varying degrees in between.
Why do we assume people are normal? If we expected people to be crazy then we would never be disappointed. It would be easier to tolerate the behaviors of others if we knew we would get something unsound or rickety.
But then, how boring would it be if we were all normal? I’m not sure that we would be happier as average and expecting normalcy. Pursuing wildly eager or desirous things in life gives us personality and so the questions turns to: Is being crazy bad? It certainly has made the claim but perhaps our definition of ideas and words is not always what we have been accustomed to.
If normal is being average then who developed this standard or rule of how people should behave? I’m not sure anyone can answer this but I am certain this was not a normal person. This leads to the conclusion that normal is a fictitious thing that just doesn’t exist. Nobody is normal. Why do people bind and restrict themselves to the illusion of what people portray as normal? If there is no harm and no rights are being infringed on, then feel the freedom of being an individual. Allow yourself to live, chase dreams, pursue goals. However, I strongly believe values should not be lost in the process. Of course we need to allow others the same benefit of defying the standard of normal too.
Now I ask: What is crazy, normal, and the reality of who people are? And are you being yourself or are you trying to be normal?

Emotional Wreckage

By Rachel Campbell
On April 24th, the old Gunlock School house was demolished. Many residents were very emotional about the loss as quite a few had gone to school there. Earlier in the month, a crew was brought in to remove the asbestos from the building so deconstruction crews could safely tear down the historical site.
In keeping with the donation contract, the some of the space provided will be used for an updated fire station equipped with the necessary assets to protect the community from the ever present fire danger. Even though the land will be used for a good cause, every time a Gunlock resident walks or drives by, they will remember the quaint little building that started so many of their educations.

Mother's Day Gifts You May or May Not Want to Give

By Kevin Laub
I know you have all been hoping for my insights on this topic, so I have given some thought and have come up with some real helps this year as you purchase gifts for your mother.
Ammunition: great if mom’s a redneck, not so great if she’s a serial killer.
Power Tools: great if mom’s handy/crafty, not so great if she wants you to use them for her big home improvement project she’s been planning.
Kitchen Knives: great if your mom loves the culinary arts but not so great if she has a habit of throwing things when mad.
New Watch: great if mom’s old one broke but not so great if she’s habitually late (she might misunderstand).
New Dress: great if mom likes clothing but not so great if you bought it 3 sizes too big.
It is always wise to consult with a friend or family member before giving a gift. Then you will know the sensitivity level you have to abide by. Good luck.

May Spring Cleanup

By Sara Laub
Nadine Heaton, Scott Holt, and Tyler Truman have put together an opportunity to dispose of debris on our properties on May 2, 2009 starting at 9:00am.
They have organized dumpsters and ask for cleanup crews with “muscle power” to help. All debris desired to be picked up needs to be placed on the curb. Please contact one of the three listed above for any questions.

May Gunlock Town Events

May 2: Town Spring Cleanup
May 7: GSSD Meeting at the Town Hall at 7pm
May 10: Mother’s Day
May 14: Community Fire Meeting at the Town Hall at 7pm (don’t forget about the refreshments!!!)
May 22: Last Day of School
May 25: Memorial Day