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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Bottom of the Gunlock Reservoir

In the Bleak Mid-Winter

By Christina Rossetti
In the bleak mid-winter
Frosty wind made moan,
Earth stood hard as iron,
Water like a stone;
Snow had fallen, snow on snow,
Snow on snow,
In the bleak mid-winter
Long ago.

Our God, Heaven cannot hold him
Nor earth sustain;
Heaven and earth shall flee away
When he comes to reign:
In the bleak mid-winter
A stable-place sufficed
The Lord God Almighty
Jesus Christ….

What can I give him,
Poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd
I would bring him a lamb,
If I were a Wise Man
I would do my part,-
Yet what I can I give him,
Give my heart.

November GSSD Meeting

By Sara Laub
The main topic for the November GSSD meeting was the resolution that Todd Taylor presented. It basically stated that when the board members call and get information from the higher government authorities, they need to document the day, time, who they talked to and also a summary of what was discussed. Todd explained that this was a resolution he wanted voted in because he wanted the board members to show a united front and know what the government has heard from the board members. Taylor said the resolution was open for modification.
Odean Bowler did not agree to vote in the resolution because he thought it would be restricting, and not allow private communication and he himself is a government authority. He also thought it was not needed and it was too vague. Nadine Heaton agreed with him. Community members commented that they wanted to know how it could be enforced and they also commented that this should already be done naturally without a resolution. They decided to talk about the resolution later and see if they could come up with a modification or an alternative that would accomplish the unity Todd was seeking.
Other items of business included the continuing work to get the chlorination system in adequately, the survey for the state will be done to help to receive a grant, the Gentry property has a leak that Judy Leavitt will look into and the Todd Taylor connection is progressing and continuing to research all possible solutions.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By Sara Laub
As I was thinking about all the things I had to make sure to put on my calendar for the busy holiday season, I had a thought. This is the busiest time of year and we are trying to do our best to be thoughtful and give. It is amazing that we can manage all the pressure of the shopping, decorating, parties and still remember to give of ourselves.
It is a wonderful time of the year because of all the things that can be accomplished. It is amazing that we can accomplish the food drives, donating blankets and clothing, singing carols, and visiting those who have less. There is so much good that people do and there are great sacrifices made during the season that create such a unique atmosphere. There is so much effort in making people happy and making Christmas great for everyone, not just their own families.
We are blessed to have the reminder of the season to help us be better people and to remember our neighbors and their needs. It is a great opportunity to make giving easy, to provide great experiences to do service and show others we care.
As we continue to mark up the calendar, the spirit of Christmas settles in and amazing things are accomplished to make this the most wonderful time of the year.

Random Ways to Get Rid of Leaves

By Kevin Laub
1. Tell your children the leaf fairy is coming and they will get a surprise when all the leaves are deposited in a special black bag.
2. Coat your tree with superglue before the leaves fall. (It would be interesting to see what will happen in the spring.)
3. Cover your yard with plastic sheets and when they fall just roll them up.
4. Get a massive fan to blow them over the fence.
5. Cut down your trees (at least you’ll get firewood out of it).
6. Lay new sod on top of them.
7. Tell your dog the leaves are newspapers and train it to put them in the garbage.
8. Get a goat.
9. Tell the police you found a mystery drug in the leaves and they can collect them for analysis.
10. Wait for the next flood.
Yes, some of these require more work but at least you got out of raking leaves!

How The Great Guest Came

By Edwin Markham
Before the cathedral in grandeur rose
At Ingleburg where the Danube goes;
Before its forest of silver spires
Went airily up to the clouds and fires;
Before the oak had ready a beam,
While yet the arch was stone and dream-
There where the altar was later laid,
Conrad, the cobbler, plied his trade.
* * *
It happened one day at the year’s white end-
Two neighbors called on their old-time friend;
And they found the shop, so meager and mean,
Made gay with a hundred boughs of green.
Conrad was stitching with face ashine,
But suddenly stopped as he twitched a twine;
“Old friends, good news! At dawn today;
As the cocks were scaring the night away,
The Lord appeared in a dream to me,
And said, ‘I am coming your Guest to be!’
So I’ve been busy with feet astir
Strewing the floor with branches of fir.
The wall is washed and the shelf is shined,
And over the rafter the holly twined.
He comes today, and the table is spread
With milk and honey and wheaten bread.”

His friends went home; and his face grew still
As he watched for the shadow across the sill.
He lived all the moments o’re and o’re,
When the Lord should enter the lowly door-
The knock, the call, the latch pulled up,
The lighted face, the offered cup.
He would wash the feet where the spikes had been,
He would kiss the hands where the nails went in,
And then at the last would sit with Him
And break the bread as the day grew dim.

While the cobbler mused there passed his pane
A beggar drenched by the driving rain.
He called him in from the stony street
And gave him shoes for his bruised feet.
The beggar went and there came a crone,
Her face with wrinkles of sorrow sown.
A bundle of fagots bowed her back,
And she was spent with the wrench and rack.
He gave her his loaf and steadied her load
As she took her way on the weary road.
Then to his door came a little child,
Lost and afraid in the world so wild,
In the big, dark world. Catching it up,
He gave it the milk in the waiting cup,
And led it home to its mother’s arms,
Out of the reach of the world’s alarm.

The day went down in the crimson west
And with it the hope of the blessed Guest,
And Conrad sighed as the world turned gray:
“Why is it, Lord, that your feet delay?
Did you forget that this was the day?”
Then soft in the silence a Voice he heard:
“Lift up your heart, for I kept my word.
Three times I came to your friendly door;
Three times my shadow was on your floor.
I was the beggar with bruised feet;
I was the woman you gave to eat;
I was the child on the homeless street!”

Gunlock Town Events for December

* Dec 4: Gunlock Special Service District Meeting at the Town Hall 7:00pm.
* Dec 11: Gunlock Fire Department Meeting at the fire station 7:00pm.
* Dec 13: Adult Christmas Party at Eagle Mountain Ranch at 6:30pm.
* Dec 24: The Gunlock Christmas Program will be held at 6:00pm at the Town Hall. Contact Kim Bowler if you have any questions and parents please let her know if your child will be here for the program.