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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Flood Impact on Gunlock

Written by Roxanne Aplanalp
(12-30-10 handout from GSSD Special Meeting)
“The time, effort, and money spent by the residents, the GSSD, and the County, State, and Federal agencies following the 2005/2007 floods paid off for Gunlock last week. The property owners along the Santa Clara River, who gave/lost land plus the permanent easement they signed to the government, are to be thanked.
None of our homes were threatened and no lives were in jeopardy due to the rock wall installed. The GSSD lobbed for the rock wall from the springs to the lower bridge to protect the water line. We were only successful in getting it from the pond to the bridge. We now face the impact of the lack of the rock wall by the springs and Smith’s field.
…Here is a recap of what happened to the system: 1-one of the spring collection boxes has been compromised—we are getting water from only one spring. 2-distribution line disconnected by the ‘cliffs’ which cut off all water to the Smith Ranch for a few days. 3-about 600’ of distribution lost that parallels the Smith field—no spring water can reach the tanks.
What has been done to provide water to the community: 1-Diann called all residents and asked them to conserve water. 2-Well has been turned on and is providing the only source of water for all homes below the tanks. 3-Jay repaired the connection at the ‘cliffs’ to get spring water to the Smith Ranch.
…Please call a Director with any concerns of problems you have.”

January GSSD

By Sara Laub
Since the flood damage was already discussed at the December 30th meeting, the board mainly discussed other items. Here’s the rundown:
There was severe cold weather that froze a few meter boxes in town. All have been thawed. There should be less money spent on water testing in 2011. The emails sent to all board members have been helpful.
The EPA is in the process of deciding if the GSSD should be fined $37,000/day because April, October, and December had orders of items the district did incorrectly. The bulk of the orders are from the water operator not taking water tests on time or not reporting tests on time. The EPA will decide mid-January.
The Smith’s are looking into the option to use a well they already have on their property to use as their water source. This will take time and paperwork.

Girl Scout Cookie Time!

By Cari Heizer
January 15 officially begins Girl Scout cookie season! Orders can be placed January 15 - 31st and will be delivered the first week of March. A small number of additional boxes will be available for purchase at that time. Cookies include: Lemon Chalet Cremes (vanilla sandwich with a lemon creme filling), Trefoils (shortbread), Do-Si-Dos (peanut butter sandwich), Samoas (vanilla cookies, covered with caramel, rolled in toasted coconut, and striped with a rich chocolaty coating - yum!), Dulce de Leche (sweet cookies with milk carmel chips), Thank U Berry Munch (crisp cookies with white fudge chips and cranberries), Tagalongs (chocolate covered peanut butter), and every-body's favorite THIN MINTS!
Money earned from cookie sales help Girl Scouts pay for troop activities and service projects. Daisy Troop 1080 will also be selling boxes to be donated to the St. George Senior Center's Altzeimer's Group. Please consider buying an extra box for them :)
Look for Gunlock's Daisy Scout in town or call the Heizer's at 574-0610 to order your cookies. Remember, Girl Scout cookie season only comes once a year!


By Sara Laub
I heard the word busy many times during the past month and decided that the definition merely relates to the user. People are always busy but what we claim as “too busy” is only completely understood by the person saying it. I had the opportunity to be “too busy” with the already filled holiday season as more was added to my load. This then made me define “too busy”.
The new year has brought in a perspective of being “too busy”. Is it bad to be too busy? The word “too” makes it bad. I survived my “too busy” moment and made it. Should we expect to be less busy this new year just because the holidays ended? What if there is another flood or the washing machine goes out? The unknowns force us to be more busy.
I used to believe that if I just pushed through the busyness then I could relax, but not anymore because more always comes. How do we simplify to remain less busy and able to perform all the duties we desire every day?
Resolutions might make us “too busy”, unless the resolution is to be less busy. That is mine. I want to be less busy so I can do the things I really want or handle the unknown that always comes. I also want to master how to maintain a less busy atmosphere for myself. Although I am not sure if that is achievable in one year, at least I can start.

December 21st-24th Flood

Gunlock Reservoir Overflowing with muddy, misty water.
The north side of the Gunlock Reservoir
Gunlock Reservoir dock. Love the sign!
Bridge out north of Gunlock, but before Veyo
Erosion of the Smith Ranch field

The south bridge at Gunlock

(Photos taken by Sara Laub)
There was a lot of rain but no flooding of homes for Gunlock residents.

Gunlock Town Events: Jan 2011

Jan 1: New Years Day
Jan 6: GSSD meeting @ 7pm at the Town Hall
Jan 12: NWSSD meeting is canceled and will resume Feb 9
Jan 13: Gunlock Fire Dept meeting at 7pm at the Gunlock Fire Station.
Jan 17: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Feb 2: Ground Hog Day
Feb 3: GSSD meeting at 7pm @ the Town Hall.
Feb 10: Gunlock Fire Department meeting 7pm @ the Gunlock Fire Station
Feb 21: Presidents’ Day