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The nice part about living in a small town is that when you don't know what you are doing, someone else does.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Compost Buyer Beware!

By Rachel Campbell
The Washington County Solid Waste management specialists have instituted a recycling program in which residents can recycle their yard trimmings. The trimmings are sorted and composted then sold to the public.
However, recent reports have indicated that the WCSW does not allow the trimmings to compost long enough before sale, resulting in extremely bad smelling compost.
Such was the case with one landscaper in St. George. After the builder he was working with insisted upon the compost, the landscaper bought the compost and spread it around the property. Shortly afterwards, neighbors began complaining about a terrible smell, “like dead, rotting bodies.” The landscaper was cited for Public Disturbance and confronted the WCSW about the problem. The WCSW refused to take responsibility for the compost that had not decomposed long enough and refused to refund the landscaper’s money, but they would, “accept the compost back as recyclable material if the landscaper would bring it to them.”

January GSSD Meeting

By Sara Laub
Since it is the beginning of the year, the board elected each member for each office. Kip Bowler is Chair, Scott Holt is Vice Chair and over the meters, Roxanne Aplanalp is Clerk, Diann Covington is Treasurer, Dusty Leavitt is over the water system, and Odean Bowler is over the park and street lights. The meetings will continue to be held on the first Thursday of each month, excluding July and August at 7:00pm.
Gunlock was not able to qualify for the grant the GSSD applied for because or resident income limitations. Street lights may be donated to Gunlock and the board is considering having some put in the park. There are enough to do the entire town but it would cost a lot of money to put them in since the power source is on the bottom of the new ones and at the top of the old street lights. There would more street lights if they put them in and it would be brighter. The board plans to have a town hearing to help decide what the residents want to do with the street lights.
A training manual was made for each of the board members by Roxanne Aplanalp. It includes bylaws, resolutions, board member job description, maps of the water system, etc. This will be an excellent resource for the board and the town.

Precious Animals

Reader Submitted-
"Residents of Gunlock,
“I have been observing over the past 11 years how the residents of Gunlock allow their precious dogs to run free in town and attack and abuse, not only jeopardize the animal's lives but human's property and lives.
"Now first off, anyone in Gunlock that really knows me, knows my love and protection of our pure animals, a gift from our Heavenly Father.
“There are a residents in Gunlock, who have dogs, that run free and use other resident's property as a bathroom ( to put it nicely) these dogs, unfortunately are mean, abusive dogs. (not saying much about the owners) Obviously the owner does not respect their dogs or the other Gunlock resident's property.
“Recently a dog of a dear friend of Gunlock for the first time in years left their property and visited the property of the resident's of the dogs that are allowed to run free and dispose of their Bowels and urine in other's property, not to mention the aggravation they cause to others. Confirmed by the Vet this innocent dog, (whom I know personally) was attacked and beaten by Human Hand.
“At one time I was told by a resident my dog had attacked their animal, which was not true, I know this to be a fact because of the date and the time of the incident, we were not in town and my dog was with us. How SAD.........
“What I find Un-Christian is these residents somehow think they are above others in this town that their animals can go and come and abuse other's property and animals. How do you, and I will not mention names, but YOU know who you are, think you are so above respecting your fellow BROTHERS and SISTERS and the animals that our Heavenly Father blessed us with. I find that through the years the residents of Gunlock are not the pure souls that they want others to believe, have you forgotten our FATHER sees ALL? I do not judge others, our FATHER will do that, but I will protect the innocent beings that our FATHER has given to us.
“I have watched and seen things that people do in this town and have kept quiet, but someone has to speak up for the innocent animals that you abuse.
“Those of you that are guilty will have to answer for their sins to our FATHER...
-Rose Nawrocki”

Disturbing Continued

By Sara Laub
I wanted to update the disturbing list since I had a couple people relay more disturbing events.
A couple hundred gallons of diesel fuel was siphoned out of trucks, and two guns were stolen from inside a home that is located in the middle of town.
Please beware and be on the lookout!

Happy Birthday Boy Scouts of America

On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law. To help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

By Rachel Campbell
It was a dark, foggy night in 1909 and William D. Boyce was lost. The wealthy American entrepreneur was touring London, England before his voyage to Africa. Out of the fog appeared a young man, a Scout, who inquired to see if Boyce needed any assistance. After assisting Boyce to his hotel, Boyce tried to tip the young man. The boy refused, replying that he was a Scout and he would not be paid for doing a good turn.
Boyce was so impressed with the Scout that, after meeting with Lord Baden Powell, he ventured back to the United States and organized the Boy Scouts of America on February 8, 1910.
Since that day, the BSA has influenced countless scores of young men, many of which have found their future careers through merit badges. Presidents and other civic leaders have been Scouts. Actors and entertainers have been Scouts.
The program has altered slightly through the years, but the values have remained the same.

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

Valentine Crossword

2. Many people give or send one to friends on Valentine’s Day.
4. Another term for sweets that are given on Valentine’s Day.
9. Sometimes on Valentine’s Day, a secret ____ will give you an anonymous present.
11. If you don’t get any Valentines, you might do this in your pillow.
12. Herseys is one kind of this type of candy.
15. Roses, carnations, and daisies are theses.
17. When you really, really like someone, you ____them.
19. If you give someone a treat on Valentine’s Day, it usually is this.
20. This expression is often said on Valentine’s Day: “___ Mine.”
1. The color of hearts on Valentine’s Day.
2. The fictional character that shoots arrows at people to make them fall in love.
3. These flowers come in many colors, but usually red ones are given on Valentine’s Day.
5. What cupid shoots at some poor, unsuspecting person, that makes them fall in love.
6. If you want to give a friend roses, you would give them this color.
7. The name of this holiday!
10. Moms and Dads may want to get a _______ dinner or weekend.
13. One of the shapes used often on Valentine’s Day is _____ (plural)
14. These are made out of paper or material that are lacy.
15. The abbreviation for the month that Valentine’s Day is in.
16. The man that this holiday is named after is, _____ Valentine.
18. If you get flowers for Valentine’s Day, you will want to have one of these to keep them in.

Gunlock Town Events

Feb 4: GSSD Meeting at 7pm at the Town Hall
Feb 11: Fire Meeting @ 7pm
Feb 14: Valentine’s Day
Feb 27: In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America, Cub Scout Pack 410 would like to invite everyone to their annual Blue and Gold Banquet for dinner and a short, commemorative program at the LDS ward building at 6pm. All Scouts, present and former, are invited to wear their uniforms.