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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gunlock's Most Expensive Light Bulb

By Rachel Campbell
October’s waterboard meeting was short and concise. Most of the meeting was consumed with talks and planning for next years budget request.
Another major discussion was the size of the gravel that will be laid in the park.
A problem arose as the Board tried to figure out how to fix the light at the spring’s source. The light is nearly thirty feet tall and has been shot out by an unknown perpetrator. Utah Power used to be able to fix lights, but have since ceased to do so. With the light being so high, normal cherry-pickers would have a difficult time making the repair. Fixing the light will cost the town at least $200, possibly more.

Pie Crust Recipe

This recipe comes from Debbie Bracken’s family and is simple and delicious. The instructions are to cut in half and then in half again. For example:
Start with
1 cup flour, then
1/2 cup butter, then
1/4 cup water and a
pinch of salt.
Put flour and salt in and cut in butter (Debbie uses a fork) and then put in water and mix until it just forms a ball. The less mixing the better. Roll it out in a circle and place in pie dish and fold over extra on the edge with whatever ruffle pattern making the edges thicker to hold in pie filling and less waste. Poke with fork all around crust. Bake until light brown at 475 degrees for about 8 minutes.
This can also be made in a bowl with a lid without even touching it. Add flour, salt and butter and roll in bowl until butter has made flour flakey. Add water and roll again until it forms a ball. Make a ball and roll it out for the pie pan.

Exiled: The Story of John Lathrop 1584-1653

By Sara Laub
This novel by Helene Holt covers the life of John Lathrop using historical documents and dates up until the time he is exiled to America. Although this man did not come over on the Mayflower with the pilgrims in 1620, he ended up in America before the Revolutionary War in 1634.
With a University Degree, John Lathrop began his career as a minister in the Church of England. He left the church and joined the Separatists since he did not agree with how the bishops denied men the exercise of their own free conscience. King Charles and Bishop Laud were forcing all the people to believe in the Church of England and were punishing, torturing and executing those who opposed them.
Lathrop held secret church meetings for the Separatists and wrote a letter to get the king’s attention to allow freedom of conscience. He then ended up in prison for defying the Church of England. While in prison his wife died and his family suffered since no one wanted to associate with a family that was not following the law. His children begged to have him released from prison and be exiled to America as punishment and permission was granted. He was allowed out of prison to earn the money necessary for passage on the ship. Lathrop settled in Boston, Massachusetts and continued as a minister there.
John Lathrop reminded me of the pilgrims and reading this book has really enlightened my thoughts on being grateful during this Thanksgiving season. The sacrifices people make to allow our freedom is priceless.
Another interesting thing is that there are many people related to John Lathrop including myself. Since his family has been here so long there are many descendants and the author has listed many in the appendix in the book.
We are truly blessed to have all the modern conveniences and freedoms where we live. It’s important to have holidays to remind us to remember and reevaluate.
This quote from the book is an excellent reminder.
“The most cruel exile comes, not from being forced to leave one’s country, but from standing alone in defense of principle while yet surrounded by one’s country men.”


By Sara Laub
The Gunlock Informer needs donations. We have kept up pretty well but we would like help if people want to give it. We are asking for legal size paper 8.5x14 since that is what we print it on and also rubber bands of any size that fits over doorknobs. These items cost $5-$7 and last a few months. If you are interested in donating please contact Sara at (435) 574-2641.

This Year's Town Halloween Party

Gunlock has created so many traditions and Halloween has joined the list.
The streets were lined with trick or treaters who gathered at the Town Hall when their bags were generously filled by Gunlock residents. Gunlock really knows how to throw a party.
Kiddie games were added to the list this year, including a fish pond, ring toss and bean bag toss.There were Hula Hoop Contests and of course Food!Donut Eating Contests and DANCING were all part of the fun.

Thanksgiving Coloring Page

November 2009 Town Events

Nov 3: Election Day
Nov 5: GSSD Meeting at 7pm at the Town Hall
Nov 11: Veterans Day
Nov 12: Fire Meeting @ 7pm.
Nov 26: Thanksgiving Day