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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Woman's Guide to Father's Day

By Rachel Campbell
As promised, the column this month has been dedicated to helping women find that perfect gift for the special men in their life as they honor them on Father's Day. At Sears, the aisles are packed with women wanting to know exactly what a breaker bar is. Ladies, lets face it; unless you have worked in the industry or as a mechanic of some sort, most of us couldn't tell an end wrench from a crescent wrench. Well, here are a few ideas to get for that special man... and not be embarrassed on the hardware aisle.
1. Give him an experience. Find a past time that he enjoys or might like to try and get him a lesson, i.e. at the Las Vegas Raceway, they have the Richard Petty experience where your man can go and learn how to race a Stock car.
2. Gift Certificates. A cop out, really, but what better to have when he leaves with his buddies on that shooting trip and forgot the ammo... again...
3. Give him something that makes him glad that he's a Father. A sentimental shirt, mug, tie, socks, a poem the kids wrote... use your imagination.
There you have it, ladies, three ideas for you to mull around in your heads. Hopefully this will spark your creative energies so that you will be able to find that perfect gift.

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