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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Questions and Answers

Q: I own a small parcel of land in Gunlock and everytime I come up to stay for a bit, I see more and more abandon vehicles in yards lining the street into Gunlock. Could you find out the County ordinance against keeping abandon autos on your property and what we can do to ask the owners to please respect the beauty of this little village!

_Bonnie Gabriel
San Diego, CA
A: The Washington County Code's definition of a junk car is "any used car or motor vehicle not in the process of reconditioning, which has been abandoned for use as a motor vehicle on a public highway and which is in unsafe operating condition and shall have remained in such condition for a period in excess of thirty (30) days; or portions of junk cars, such as hoods, fenders, radiators, rims, motors, hubcaps, etc., not being immediately utilized in the repair of a motor vehicle."
The regulations state "storage of rubbish prohibited: no person, firm or corporation shall deposit, store, maintain, collect or permit the storage, deposit, maintenance or collection of any junk, junk cars or rubbish, or cars that are unregistered or cars with expired license plates on his own premises or any premises it or they own or use under his or their control, or in any other place within the county, except as is expressly provided by law."
After speaking with a Fifth Circuit Court judge, it was confirmed that, as stated in the County Code, that this is a blue law to make sure that people get rid of their old cars which they are not going to use anymore. Those that are restoring vehicles do not fall into this category. There are advertisements in several local papers that say they will pay you to haul off your junk vehicle. Contact Sara Laub for more detailed information.
Q: Why are there so many dogs running loose, unattended in Gunlock? I just want to know what the county codes are for pets.
_Ann Gasparac
A: The Washington County Code states that every dog and cat has to be vaccinated for rabies and wear their rabies tag on their collar by four months of age if they are on public property (i.e. sidewalks, streets, parks, etc.). Owners are to keep their animal(s) off the premises of another person. A note to the wise, if an animal is causing a problem, mainly destruction or is a threat, on another person's property, that person has the right to call the pound, police, or take care of the destruction of the animal themselves. Diseased or injured animals must be taken care of and not allowed to roam, otherwise they will be deemed abandoned are to be destroyed by the owner with precaution to preventing the spread of illness.

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