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Friday, October 3, 2008

Simple Halloween Ideas

By Sara Laub

Since I am always looking for simple ideas of things to make to make Halloween fun, I thought I'd do some research and this is what I found from

Empty and clean a one-gallon milk jug. Turn it up-side down, with the spout facing down. Spray paint the jug any color you want. After it is dry, paint a face on it. Tie a strip of old fabric or a rag where the spout is. Then attach a chain or rope to the top. For the Frankenstein Milk Jug spray paint the jug green and then spray paint the bottom of the jug, black. When dry, flip the jug over and with the spout facing down, paint on a face. Screw in 2 large bolts into the jug, just below the face. Attach a chain to the top and a black rag over the spout. Tie with black thread. Cost: $2.80-the cost of a gallon of milk.

These suggestions just flat out work!
- White Sheets - Put sheets over the furniture in your living room. It is very effective. They don't have to be old, just white.
- Black Flowers - Get some cheap plastic flowers from any discount store. Got a bundle from Walmart for just $1.00. Or use some old twigs with leaves or a stiff bush clip from your yard. Spray paint the flowers or leaves black with cheap black spray paint. Set in an old can, spray painted black or grey. Or use an old vase. Looks fantastic on a coffee table or dining room table.
- Black Wreath - Here's how: Make a circular wreath from sticks and old plyable branches, or buy one ready made. Saw one at Walmart for $2.00. Attach some old plastic flowers to the wreath too. Spray paint the entire thing black, then LIGHTLY spray over it with white spray paint. This gives the effect of looking old. Now add a red ribben or bow, and plastic skull, pumpkins, bats, spiders...whatever you want.

Instead of buying premade paper bag candle holders or fancy candle holders, make them yourself from cans. Clean several cans of various sizes. Put water in them and set them in the freezer. Remember the ice will expand, so don't fill them too high. Remove them when frozen and with a chisil, cut out eyes, pumpkin faces, whatever. Remove the ice and let dry. Spray paint the base coat, say orange, for a pumpkin. Paint whatever else you want, add sand or dirt and a votive candle. We experimented with a narrow and small can. The votive candle did not melt the paint. One can we did was an "eye" can. We spray painted the can green. Took a nail and punched several holes all over and painted eyes on the holes. At night it looks like eyes are glowing.

Simple decorations made from clay pots used for plants. You can use these to hold candy. Easy to make. Just paint the face and add fun eyes that can be glued right to the pot. This one is easy, cute and cheap. Cost less than $2.50 to make.

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