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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Town Pond Fire

By Rachel Campbell
In the beginning of July, a small fire ignited next to the town pond due to fireworks. Four departments and a few representatives from the Department of Natural Resources were dispatched to the fire due to a glitch in the communication between the Washington County Dispatch and the Gunlock Fire Department. It has since been remedied.
Washington County Fire Warden, Shaun Jaca, was very explicit in his explanation to those in attendance that there are absolutely no fireworks in unincorporated areas, including small, seemingly harmless fireworks like flowers and sparklers. An example of an incorporated area would be those that have been voted cities, such as St. George, Ivins, Santa Clara, and Washington.
The fire department would like to remind citizens, now that fire season is upon us, to report any fires by first calling 911. If you, then, would like to call Kevin Laub, who is the fire captain, or any of the other three currently trained fire fighters, that is fine.

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