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Sunday, September 13, 2009

A New Year

By Justin Campbell
Well the new year is upon us. You may be thinking, “It’s September, what is he talking about?” To those of you who believe as I do, you know that football season is primed to start.
A few years ago, I discovered a whole new way to enjoy the NFL season on a whole new level. At first I was reluctant, because a few of the people that I know that play fantasy football get way too into it. After joining a league with one of my friends though, I found out that Sunday becomes a day to get excited about. Most of those that play are just football fans that used to root for just one team, but now watch more than just their favorite team in hopes that their kicker will throw a touchdown pass on a fake field goal. (Thanks Vinatieri)
Fantasy football is where you draft players from different teams to “play” for you each week. For instance, on one of my teams (I only have two) I have a QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, a TE, K, and the defense/special teams from and entire NFL team. Generally you have a backup for each position for injuries and bye weeks. If you read this far, I hope you understand the acronyms.
I had one of my drafts already, and if I could give you just one tip, it would be to make sure your internet connection won’t kick you off in the middle of the draft. Another tip I have is to try to find a league with a lot of people you know so it’s more fun to taunt and ridicule the owners of the other teams in your league.
Now I can watch just about any NFL game and I have an interest in who does well. It has enhanced my passion for the game.

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