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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Halloween Treasure Bottles

This project is great to make for a child's Halloween party, to give as Halloween gifts or to make and use as a game for a Halloween party. They are simple to make and fun as well! With just a few things that you can pick up at craft stores, dollar stores and mass retailers, you can put these together quick and easy.
A treasure bottle is basically an empty water bottle that has been filled with trinkets, small toys and household objects and filled with bird seed. You make a list of everything that you put in the bottle and let the kids find each item by shaking the bottle and rolling it around to find the objects buried inside. You want to use a certain shape and size bottle, one that is smooth, cylindrical and not too wide.
What You'll Need:
Empty and dry water bottles with caps
About 40 small Halloween related items per bottle
10 pound bag of Parakeet Seed or other fine bird seed
Funnel that fits bottle mouth
Measuring Scoop
Craft Glue (to glue the lid on)
List of Items
Stretch ribbon or cord in orange or black
Halloween Pens or Pencils
Print a list of all the items inside the bottle. Use a hole punch to put a hole in the upper left hand corner. Run an orange or black stretch ribbon through the hole and tie around the neck of the bottle. You can include a Halloween themed pencil if you like.

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