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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pie Crust Recipe

This recipe comes from Debbie Bracken’s family and is simple and delicious. The instructions are to cut in half and then in half again. For example:
Start with
1 cup flour, then
1/2 cup butter, then
1/4 cup water and a
pinch of salt.
Put flour and salt in and cut in butter (Debbie uses a fork) and then put in water and mix until it just forms a ball. The less mixing the better. Roll it out in a circle and place in pie dish and fold over extra on the edge with whatever ruffle pattern making the edges thicker to hold in pie filling and less waste. Poke with fork all around crust. Bake until light brown at 475 degrees for about 8 minutes.
This can also be made in a bowl with a lid without even touching it. Add flour, salt and butter and roll in bowl until butter has made flour flakey. Add water and roll again until it forms a ball. Make a ball and roll it out for the pie pan.

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