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Monday, January 4, 2010


By Sara Laub
There have been some activities in town that are disturbing. There has been thousands of dollars worth of tools stolen from Gunlock Rock, and on a personal note my family dog was shot in the head and killed without knowing who did it or why.
These two kinds of things cause great concern in our community and people should be aware. Be aware that there is a thief and make a phone call if you see something suspicious on someone else’s property. There have been thieves in the past and it is disturbing since anyone could be the victim.
It disturbs me to think that anyone’s family dog could be shot and not know who or why they did it. Knowing the circumstance and reason the animal was shot makes a big difference because it could have been malicious fun or an act of protection. Although people have the right to shoot an animal to protect their property from other people’s animals, it would be appropriate to communicate and allow the dog’s owner to remedy the problem first if possible. If it is not possible then allow them the chance to know why their animal was killed. This is something I would not want other families to go through if it could be prevented.
This community is great at looking after each other and keeping problems to a minimum. Hopefully we can solve these two disturbing activities.

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