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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bill Insert

By Sara Laub
The GSSD sent a letter out to all users with this last bill and had addressed what was written in the Gunlock Informer in the July issue in the “Bill Insert”. I am that reporter they were correcting and I just want to say that I am glad that they correct what is said and they do it quickly. I will agree, looking at the article again, that I was not clear in those phrases and that it would lead people to believe what the GSSD addressed in the letter. I will make a better effort to keep things more clear as most residents do not hear the conversation during the meetings.
Here is some needed clarification to keep the information in the newsletter correct. Chlorinating the water from the well after it merges with the spring water by adding more chlorine to the spring water was not getting the test results desired for chlorine ONLY. At the meetings the well water has always been reported to meet the standards for drinking water. And then about the chlorinator, as stated in the letter, “the issue is not with the chlorinator but with the meter that regulates the automatic flow of chlorine for treatment purposes.” The spring flows inconsistently making the water pressure different when it goes through the meter. This makes the tests inconsistent for chlorine only.
In my opinion, I am glad for the “Bill Insert” because I do like to hear from the water board itself. Information is always better when it is from more than one source. I am just a reporter and not a water system expert, and I try to relay correct information from the board meetings that is not partial to any one opinion. The board members understand the water system and are making Gunlock’s drinking water as good as possible.
As stated in the July, 2010 Bill Insert: “If you have any questions about the GSSD functions—any drinking water issues, the park, or the street lights—call any Director, the Certified Operator, or the Clerk. These individuals are directly involved and have the full details of what is happening.”

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