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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

GSSD Back in Session

By Sara Laub
The Gunlock Special Service District had a busy meeting that was all business after the summer break. Here is the general rundown of what the board members have been busy with during the summer and their plans for the fall.
* There was a clog in the line that had a successful emergency repair.
* Kip Bowler discovered excess water coming from the cemetery late one night and decided to look into it. The cemetery had a broken line and there was no shut off valve. Fortunately it was in the late hours of the night and the water was shut off and the pipe repaired without much inconvenience to the residents. Plans will be made to put a shut off valve on the cemetery water line soon.
* The springs were cleaned, the weeds pulled and the screen cleaned out and reset. The meter that was ordered to put in next to the spring arrived and was installed September 2.
* The water operator is still hand chlorinating to keep the levels correct. There was a complaint after heavy chlorination.
* Arsenic levels from the well will be tested quarterly for one year because although the levels are well within safety guidelines, they have slightly increased enough to be monitored. If the levels do not increase after the one year then it will be tested annually according to results.
* One water sample in July came back bad, probably due to sample error or lab error. Testing done above and below the bad test site passed. All the samples in August passed.
* The EPA order paperwork is current.
* A contractor is working on putting in a sensory unit to transmit data in order to better regulate the tank levels in coordination with water supply from the spring to the well.
* The park rules were revised and approved. There is new paperwork for those reserving the park.
* The Emergency Response Plan was revised and added to, as well as the Fire Hydrant Procedures.
* The GSSD is purchasing a property including the water rights with the intent to gain more water rights which in turn will enable them to provide more water per user.
* The disinfection system plans for the Smith Ranch were submitted late because of miscommunication in the company submitting them, but they are in.
Community Issues:
There was vandalism on the Town Hall in July. Windows were broken and have since been replaced. There was also a house that has been vandalized in town as well.
Scott Holt reported on the 2010 Gunlock Rodeo. He said everything went great, the breakfast was great and the parade was great. The rodeos went great with the exception of that one injured rider.

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