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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

GSSD in October

By Sara Laub
Two visitors came to the GSSD meeting in October. The first came to talk about the survey for the county planning commission. They explained that the residents in Gunlock can fill out the survey and that will allow them to create a better plan for improving our area. This includes if bike paths are wanted or if there should be a town center with commercial businesses. They want the residents’ opinions.
The second visitor reported on the installation of the new electrical system from the spring to the well. It is installed and has capability to allow the GSSD to collect data through radio and computer software, if the GSSD chooses to. The district wants to continue to upgrade and discussed purchasing a computer.
The water operator reported that all tests passed except there was one residential fail. The follow up testing passed like last month, but they are unsure why this occurs since the untreated water passes. The meter by the spring is working and the residuals in town are good. Some repairs are needed on the vents and seals that were found from the Sept. Sanitary Survey.
The purchase of the property and water right was complete Oct. 8, so now just the property is for sale for about $10,000. The light switch at the park will be fixed since it is a safety hazard. The fence at the park was also discussed because it needs to be repaired or replaced.
They plan to move forward with plumbing the well to the location of spring so the water can be treated with the same chlorinator. An engineer will be contracted to make the plans to accomplish this before spring time.

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