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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November Meeting

By Sara Laub
The GSSD board is getting 2010 items finished and planning for 2011.
The door at the park where the pop machine is will be replaced before the end of this year. The leaks in the water systems at different properties will be or have been taken care of. The street light near the rodeo grounds is flicking on and off and Odean Bowler will check into it and take care of it. Another EPA report has been completed and sent. Follow up water samples will be taken and tested in November because of the bad water samples from the previous months.
Roxanne Aplanalp is continuing the process to update resident addresses because it has been observed to be incorrect or inconsistent with county records. The process should be done by the time the new directory comes out for Gunlock.
The proposed budget for the GSSD for 2011 will be about $106,000. Part of this budget will be used for implementing the best solution to include the Smith line in the chlorination treatment.
The town Halloween party was commented on and determined to be a huge success, where people enjoyed themselves, and they are happy with how it went. It was also announced that there will be a Friday night movie the day after Thanksgiving at the Town Hall, The Gunlock Christmas Party will be on December 23 at 7pm, and the Public Hearing for the Notice of Violation will be on December 2nd during the regular time of the GSSD meeting at 7pm at the Town Hall

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