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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Letter to Editor:

Hi Sara Laub:
My name is Willi Leavitt Christensen. I live in Salt Lake. I come from a long line of Leavitt's. My Father was born in Gunlock. He is the brother of 17 children. (Vern Leavitt was my favorite uncle) I grew up spending a lot of my childhood in Gunlock and St George. I usually stayed with Rose and Glen Mcallister.
Judy Mcallister Hart is my cousin, who is exactly my age. I e-mail Maryellen Hunt Strong quite a bit, as she
e-mails me with interesting news and she has sent me this Gunlock Informer today. I would appreciate it if you would include me on the list. I so enjoy reading about what is going on down south. I was in Gunlock in September attending Glen Mcallister's funeral, but I was also able to spend time with MaryEllen and go to Gunlock for a visit with Jesse Hunt and MaryEllen.
My best memories of my childhood are Gunlock and St. George. Just warms my heart to hear about what is going on these days.

Willi Leavitt (Christensen)

PS: Loved the pictures

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