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Friday, May 13, 2011


By Kevin Laub
The Northwestern Special Service District (NWSSD) board came to the May GSSD meeting. The main purpose was to try to find out what to do with the fire station in Gunlock. The problems discussed included:

• There is not enough qualified personnel to run the Gunlock Fire Station at the moment or to qualify as a fire station
• There is not a fire station (except the garage)
• The station needs to be within 5 miles of the town to qualify for good insurance rates
• The ISO does not recognize Gunlock has a fire department
• People are not joining and keeping the Gunlock fire department running

Discussion of different solutions included:
• Possibly being part of Ivins Fire Department (that means Gunlock will be subject to their fees and the issue of having a station 5 miles away will have to be resolved)
• Put money in to build a station for Gunlock by the NWSSD (but that would require having enough people in Gunlock to run the station)
• Put money in the Veyo station to build it up to support Gunlock
• Find a way to get more people to join the department

A survey will be put out by the GSSD for the residents of Gunlock to fill out to hear their opinions on what should be done with the Gunlock Fire Department.
Other items discussed during the GSSD meeting were the Brady meter was replaced by Dusty Leavitt, they received the fine notice from the EPA for $1,000, all testing logs are current and up to date. Smith’s will remain in the district (with 1.3 acre feet for their well) but will not receive water from the GSSD. They will be completely separated from the district water. June 1st is the date for the disconnection, which involves all water lines physically disconnected. The pipes will be unhooked and GSSD pipe will be put in to go completely around them. It will cost about $5,000 to complete the disconnection.

Flood repairs have been underway but are not completely finished, and it is turning out to be about $41,000. They have one more plugged line to repair and wanted to wait until the Ironman finished to make the connection from the well to the spring.

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