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Monday, July 11, 2011


By Sara Laub
I have been feeling that there should be a change in the newsletter these last few months. I have enjoyed writing the newsletter and the people who have supported me in doing it. I have thought of different options of how to do the news and now that my husband has had a change in his job it is time to make that change for the news so I can be more available for him.
The newsletter will only be available in paper form to those who request a copy. Please call me at 574-2641 to request one. For everyone else, The Gunlock Informer will continue being published on the website or if subscribers would like, it can be emailed upon request to
I would still love to have someone else help with writing the newsletter. If you are interested, please give me a call.
This change will allow less time I will have to put into the newsletter and less supplies. It is also an effort to “go green” using less paper, ink, and rubber bands.
I have found that the newsletter on the web has been a positive thing. People have emailed to ask questions about Gunlock or about events like the Gunlock Rodeo. I think that connection is important.
Thank you to everyone who has supported the newsletter by submitting articles, pictures, supplies, or money. This has made the newsletter easier to do. I appreciate all who have made comments to me about how much they have liked the newsletter. I would love to continue receiving similar support.

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