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Saturday, October 15, 2011

GSSD in October

By Sara Laub
The board has been preparing for the sanitary survey and making sure everything is cleaned up. Old parts were cleaned up and items have been fixed by Jay and Judy Leavitt as part of that preparation.
The board also decided to fill the midterm vacancy the GSSD will have after the election at the November 3, 2011 GSSD meeting. They will post the information prior to the meeting.
There are still residual problems since the chlorinator doesn’t turn on automatically every time the well water comes in. Installing a solenoid at the well pump will tell the chlorinator to turn on for just the well water.
More problems are being found with the meter at the spring. It is fluctuating and reading incorrectly which makes the chlorinator fluctuate incorrectly with it. Jay and Judy Leavitt have been investigating and maintaining the water flow and chlorinator on a daily basis to find solutions and keep the water chlorinated properly. The board would like to find solutions so that the chlorinator does not have to be monitored so often.
The air vents are still being investigated to see if they are working properly to allow more water flow. There are two that have been pinpointed that are not working correctly.
These issues have been frustrating for the board. Diane Covington said it best, “It seems like it just goes round and round and round.” On the other hand Judy Leavitt said “Rural Water is doing great to help us and they said we’re doing everything possible to make it work.” This is a process that goes in phases as the system continues to be improved and upgraded.
Steve Holt offered the board to purchase two water rights for $10,000. The board decided to purchase them to have them available to boost their percentage of water shares, and also to have the possibility of selling them at a later time.

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