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Thursday, November 10, 2011

GSSD in November

By Sara Laub
    Dusty Leavitt submitted his name to fill the vacancy in the Gunlock Special Service District. Concerns of attendance were brought up for Dusty Leavitt and Scott Holt as their schedules are conflicting with meeting times. The board voted Dusty Leavitt in to fill the vacancy and hope to resolve some attendance concerns by possibly moving the meeting time.
   All tests have passed and it has been decided that the air vents are not causing the water flow problems. There is a blockage in the water line and it has been narrowed down to a certain length of pipe. Jay Leavitt is optimistic that removing this blockage will solve the water flow problems. He has proposed to use a probe to find the plug.
   The board had to approve an appropriation increase in the 2011 budget because of the flood damage repair cost. The tentative 2012 budget was also approved and is ready for the December meeting.
   The maps of the water system are nearly done and the board members are excited to have a large copy to put in the office as a reference.

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