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Friday, January 13, 2012

Invitation for Change

By Sara Laub 
    I am experiencing another change. As family circumstances continue to change, the newsletter cannot be part of it. I would like to invite anyone in Gunlock to continue writing the newsletter since I will no longer be available to do it. They can continue the newsletter in their own way. If there is no interest then I will just leave the blog up as it is. My last edition will be in February, since that will complete four years of me writing the Gunlock Informer.
   Thank you to all who have supported and enjoyed this newsletter with me. I have enjoyed Gunlock more while learning more information I have needed to gather to write this newsletter.
   Gunlock is a special place and having something to look at to see a current history has been rewarding for me, from holiday parties to the rodeo. I am not from a generational family in Gunlock but I appreciate the opportunity to have been part of making a history in this current time.

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