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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

November GSSD Meeting

By Sara Laub
The main topic for the November GSSD meeting was the resolution that Todd Taylor presented. It basically stated that when the board members call and get information from the higher government authorities, they need to document the day, time, who they talked to and also a summary of what was discussed. Todd explained that this was a resolution he wanted voted in because he wanted the board members to show a united front and know what the government has heard from the board members. Taylor said the resolution was open for modification.
Odean Bowler did not agree to vote in the resolution because he thought it would be restricting, and not allow private communication and he himself is a government authority. He also thought it was not needed and it was too vague. Nadine Heaton agreed with him. Community members commented that they wanted to know how it could be enforced and they also commented that this should already be done naturally without a resolution. They decided to talk about the resolution later and see if they could come up with a modification or an alternative that would accomplish the unity Todd was seeking.
Other items of business included the continuing work to get the chlorination system in adequately, the survey for the state will be done to help to receive a grant, the Gentry property has a leak that Judy Leavitt will look into and the Todd Taylor connection is progressing and continuing to research all possible solutions.

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