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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Random Ways to Get Rid of Leaves

By Kevin Laub
1. Tell your children the leaf fairy is coming and they will get a surprise when all the leaves are deposited in a special black bag.
2. Coat your tree with superglue before the leaves fall. (It would be interesting to see what will happen in the spring.)
3. Cover your yard with plastic sheets and when they fall just roll them up.
4. Get a massive fan to blow them over the fence.
5. Cut down your trees (at least you’ll get firewood out of it).
6. Lay new sod on top of them.
7. Tell your dog the leaves are newspapers and train it to put them in the garbage.
8. Get a goat.
9. Tell the police you found a mystery drug in the leaves and they can collect them for analysis.
10. Wait for the next flood.
Yes, some of these require more work but at least you got out of raking leaves!

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