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Friday, January 2, 2009

The Meaning of a New Year

By Sara Laub
  The freshness of the new year is a time to shake off the past of last year and move on.  There is a chance for us to become better, become happier.  The past has left its mark and how the future is giving us second chances.
 Goals and resolutions are being made. People desire to create a better existence, a superior existence. Unreachable goals are set to pursue the image of happiness people seek. Reachable goals are made to find happiness in reality.
  Another mark of passage of time has been achieved. Memories have been made and hopefully some are treasured. Pictures and journals are the proof of these. History is made to help us into the next year. What have we learned? What do we want to take with us? What kind of purpose have we given ourselves in life? What measures will be taken to avoid previous mistakes or to continue positive achievements? What will define our happiness this coming year?
  The freshness of a new year settles in on us again and we have another opportunity to do with it as we desire. The goals we pursue or do not pursue will make the year 2009 our next history. The second chance to make our reality in life happier has come again as it faithfully does every year.

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