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Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolution For GSSD

By Sara Laub
The December 4th meeting brought a new resolution. Resolution #2-08 was passed but not without debate. The resolution states that the board members need to document all conversations with "one having jurisdiction over the GSSD". This resolution only applies to board members and not to the public citizens. Todd Taylor had made changes to the original resolution to resolve some of the problems that were seen in it by other board members. He had given the resolution to all board members and asked for more comment or questions and had received none by the meeting. Odean Bowler still debated that the resolution was irreconcilable and the main reason for him disagreeing was that private communication was not allowed.
Taylor argued that it was a trade-off and a duty that the board members take on when voted on the GSSD to give up privacy. Nadine Heaton did some research and called other Water Boards with her questions and they supported her that the resolution was a strong measure and the GSSD rules weakly and said "I don't know how to enforce this". The state says to document but was it mandated? Taylor then stated that they are ruled with policy and procedures and there is not a penalty to enforce many of those. He also stated that documenting is a good idea.
The questions continued: Why is it needed? Why do they need to be monitored? Why make it complicated? The response to these were that documenting helps, private communication should not be feared, it creates a healthy public record, they are public entities and there should not be a private conversation when board members discuss matters with one having jurisdiction over the GSSD. With all the debate, the resolution passed 3 to 2 votes.
Other items to note from the meeting were the park's septic system was evaluated and the pipe that goes into the tank needs the fitting replaced to make it larger to perform better. The chlorination system has been researched further and the tablet method has been looked into. The GSSD is first on the list to receive a grant for this year to continue to improve the water system and will do the survey for funding next year. This is "Good News" reported Bowler.

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