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Monday, March 2, 2009

February GSSD Meeting

By Sara Laub
The GSSD has been very busy in accomplishing all the many tasks for which they are responsible. There is now a water pressure tester that has been purchased, and the valve was replaced on Hyrum Smith’s ranch to stop leaking water. Odean Bowler found out that it will be better to try to get the grant for June instead of January for the chlorination system and fencing.
The septic tank is still being considered for repairs and options, and the directors voted to have insurance on a three year contract to help save money in case insurance rates go up. There are legislative bills that could impact the GSSD and Roxanne Aplanap reviewed many of them she had received information on, and said she will keep track of them as they progress.
Discussion on public comment and how it could be improved was addressed. Hyrum Smith recommended to toughen up on public comment to make sure it was at the right time of the meeting, to keep the meetings more orderly. It was also mentioned to have the board wait until after the public comment before they voted on agenda items. This will make the public comment more valuable and the purpose of attending the meeting more valuable as well.
There are three openings for director positions this election year, which means the three directors ending their terms will be Nadine Heaton, Odean Bowler, and Scott Holt.
Todd Taylor has resigned and there is a director opening right now.

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