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Monday, March 2, 2009

Fire Department Awareness

By Kevin Laub
As captain of the Gunlock Volunteer Fire Department and after being directed by the NWSSD, I need to address some concerns and relay some information that is valuable to the community. The fire department is continuing the process of getting organized to meet new legal guidelines and I have currently received paperwork and direction from the NWSSD and the state to meet those obligations.
Please be aware that everyone in Gunlock is invited to serve as a volunteer on the fire department. Each person who wishes to serve on the department needs to have the appropriate paperwork filled out for insurance and liability purposes. I am aware that many people have helped during fires in the community in the past, and I want all those who want to continue to be involved to please fill out the appropriate paperwork. Also be aware that the fire trucks can only be driven by those who have filled out this paperwork and have become official volunteers. There are serious safety and legal concerns if the guidelines are not met.
If you need anything regarding the Gunlock Fire Department, including burn permits, use of fire equipment or if you have any questions, please call me at 680-4216.

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