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Friday, July 3, 2009

GSSD for June

By Sara Laub
The Gunlock Special Service District is preparing for the election to be held in November and has some options. Gunlock will only need an election if there are enough candidates to vote for, if not then the candidates will just be appointed and there is no need for an election. Gunlock residents will then vote in Veyo for the Northwest Special Service District and Transportation District. If there is an election for the GSSD, Gunlock will use electronic voting and it will be held in the Town Hall. Gunlock residents can vote for the GSSD, Transportation District and the NWSSD candidates there.
Other items of business include, the well is having problems because the light keeps turning off and they think it is from a power surge. The well is also turning off before the tank is full so they will fix it these problems. The water passed all tests, leaks have been addressed for Florence Leavitt, Gentry’s and Smith’s properties.
A property in foreclosure has delinquent payments which will be put on record on the title of the property to ensure payment. The chlorination grant is in progress and they plan to have a public hearing for the grant information. There is a broken tree in the park right next to the Weed’s home. They plan to take it out since it is breaking into three pieces and threatening the house.

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