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Friday, July 3, 2009

Town Hall Meeting

By Sara Laub
As the Town Hall Chair, Debbie Bracken wanted to give a “heads up” on the building use. The Gunlock Rodeo is funding the Town Hall so it is paying for the power and maintenance. Donations are always welcome as well. Everyone in the community is encouraged to use the building but there is a cleaning deposit that is completely refundable. There is a fee schedule for nonlocals and commercial use.

*Non Local use fee $300.00 plus refundable cleaning deposit that is $200.00.

*Local weekly commercial use fee $10.00 plus refundable cleaning deposit of $40.00.

*Local Use has no fee and has a cleaning deposit fee of $200.00 that is refundable.

Those who live in Gunlock are considered local. There will be supplies and a check list for cleaning the building. Overnight events are not allowed.

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