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Saturday, January 8, 2011

January GSSD

By Sara Laub
Since the flood damage was already discussed at the December 30th meeting, the board mainly discussed other items. Here’s the rundown:
There was severe cold weather that froze a few meter boxes in town. All have been thawed. There should be less money spent on water testing in 2011. The emails sent to all board members have been helpful.
The EPA is in the process of deciding if the GSSD should be fined $37,000/day because April, October, and December had orders of items the district did incorrectly. The bulk of the orders are from the water operator not taking water tests on time or not reporting tests on time. The EPA will decide mid-January.
The Smith’s are looking into the option to use a well they already have on their property to use as their water source. This will take time and paperwork.

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