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Saturday, January 8, 2011


By Sara Laub
I heard the word busy many times during the past month and decided that the definition merely relates to the user. People are always busy but what we claim as “too busy” is only completely understood by the person saying it. I had the opportunity to be “too busy” with the already filled holiday season as more was added to my load. This then made me define “too busy”.
The new year has brought in a perspective of being “too busy”. Is it bad to be too busy? The word “too” makes it bad. I survived my “too busy” moment and made it. Should we expect to be less busy this new year just because the holidays ended? What if there is another flood or the washing machine goes out? The unknowns force us to be more busy.
I used to believe that if I just pushed through the busyness then I could relax, but not anymore because more always comes. How do we simplify to remain less busy and able to perform all the duties we desire every day?
Resolutions might make us “too busy”, unless the resolution is to be less busy. That is mine. I want to be less busy so I can do the things I really want or handle the unknown that always comes. I also want to master how to maintain a less busy atmosphere for myself. Although I am not sure if that is achievable in one year, at least I can start.

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