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Monday, April 18, 2011

April GSSD

By Sara Laub
The Gunlock Special Service District meeting was long in April. There were many things discussed since there are many things happening in Gunlock right now.
Brent Gardner, the engineer, was there to discuss the bids and the effort it will take to get the spring water line fixed. Bids were give from $39,000-$52,000 and FEMA is able to give about $23,000 toward the project. Plus the GSSD is applying for a grant to hopefully cover the rest of the cost. The bids that were given included the well being linked to the spring so it can be treated with the spring water with the same, existing chlorinator. This will make testing less expensive and easier for the water operator.
The EPA has given the GSSD a fine. Kip Bowler and Roxanne Alplanap talked with the EPA on a conference call about the fine. They apologized to the EPA and expressed appreciation for the leniency that has been given to the GSSD, and has promised to stay within EPA guidelines. The fine was $1200 and then dropped to $1000.
The removal of the Smith Ranch connections is further along than the board thought. There are plans to complete the removal on June 1st. A new map of the GSSD will be drawn as part of the removal process.
Representatives from the NWSSD will be coming to the May 5th meeting to discuss what residents want from the district. This involves providing input about the raised fees and what the district can do for Gunlock.
The water operator said the tests were good for the last month. There is electrical problems from the long power outage that will be looked into.
An Ironman representative came and expressed enthusiasm for the race coming up.

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