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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

GSSD in September

By Sara Laub
The GSSD board members are keeping up with the EPA order and have turned in paperwork and samples in a timely manner.
The water pressure continues to fluctuate at the spring and the vents have been cleaned as often as weekly to try to keep the pressure up. The system has to be “shocked” during the process to keep the water sanitary. The chlorine in the water has fluctuated because of this and the board is resolving this issue by fixing the air vents so they won’t need this constant maintenance.
The Smith Ranch disconnection is nearly complete. The water has been physically disconnected and now has to be completed on paper. The final paperwork should be finished in 60-180 days.
The 2011 election for the Gunlock Special Service District will not be held since there was only one person (Kip Bowler) who filed and there are two positions available. The board will appoint someone to fill the vacancy at the beginning of the year.
The board discussed that residents still need to conserve water since there are still a lot of summer weeks left.

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