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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


By Sara Laub
Home is a place we saw little of during the summer months. My children provoked this article since they have really missed their home.
The children were used to long days at our home playing in the yard, going to the splash parks and checking out books at the library in past years for summer activities.
Disappointment struck briefly as those past events were not to take place during this last summer. That disappointment faded quickly as the pursuit of the new and unknown came. The excitement of preparing and thinking of all the fun things to be done while on vacation, going to family reunions or just supporting their dad working on the farm, was special.
With each trip a new adventure unfolded, it created a summer that leaped by while time was flying just as fast. Packing and unpacking, doing laundry just to put it back into the bags. Doing dishes by hand, sitting in tractors, counting ladybugs and grasshoppers, applying layers of sunscreen. Collecting a hay cube to show off to mom so she could see the success of the day.
The return home was welcomed more and more with each trip. The door to the house would unlock and the children would disappear to be with the things they love most in their own home. Sighs were more and more heartfelt each time their heads lay on their very own pillow, in their very own room, surrounded by their very own belongings.
Although it is fun to be constantly doing things and going from one event to another, there is something to be said about being home. I believe my children have learned for themselves how special a home can be.

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