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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Audit for GSSD

By Sara Laub
Due to the new water system being put in, the GSSD was required to have an audit. The auditor explained the details of the analysis and came to the conclusion that the assets on their balance sheets and their income were "fairly presented."
There were a few areas called significant deficiencies or material weaknesses the GSSD has to improve and report back to the state. A few items were already resolved by the GSSD, and they were already working on some, like providing proper chlorine for the system to make it compliant with the regulations. Cash collections with the soda machine is not being monitored properly, so they will require two non-related individuals to pick up the cash together and count it. The accountant will have to make changes to their finances to make the records fit the guidelines. The board will also have to create a formal fraud risk program, which they plan on looking to the state and rural water for guidelines. The auditor said the GSSD is in "pretty good shape" for the size of the district and new water project that was put in place.
The rest of the June meeting consisted of the maintenance of the water system. New locks will be put on the water system because there are suspicions that the old locks are compromised. The fence will be put up around the well again to meet guidelines, since the 2005 flood took the old one down. And progress has been made to fix the valves and continue system improvements. Things seem to be getting settled for the new water system and a lot of hard work is paying off.

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