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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Defensible Space

By Rachel Campbell
As a volunteer firefighter and as a citizen of Gunlock, I have decided to share some information with you that, if followed, could save your house in the event of a wildfire.
Please understand that if a driveway is too narrow, steep, has branches hanging over, or down dead fuel (burnable material), or if the roof of the house is already involved in the fire, it is too big a risk and fire fighters are required to move on. The first rule in fire safety is to protect human life, including the fire fighters involved.
Does your driveway dead end or is it longer than 200 feet? Is your roof made of combustible materials? Are there trees or bushes over hanging your roof? Are there vehicles parked outside within 30 feet of the structure? Is there more than a 20% slope anywhere within 30 feet of the structure? Is there more than a 40% slope anywhere with in 30 feet of the structure? Is your deck on stilts or not enclosed? Is there a power line(s) overhead with in 30 feet of structure?
If you answered 2 or less of these questions ‘yes’, then your house needs little attention; 3-7 then your house needs protection, but it will be easier to protect; 8-10 can not be saved, it doesn’t mean that it
will burn, but a fire fighter will not be able to protect it. Please take the necessary precautions to make your property and protective service people safe.

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