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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Jay and Judy Leavitt Family

The Leavitt family goes back to the early beginnings of Gunlock. Jeremiah II was the father of Lemuel Sturdevant, who was the father of Edward Washington, who built the old house in the 1880's When it was our turn to live here, we started to remodel the home, but ended up having to rebuild. We finished the new home in 1995. Edward was the father of Lee Vivian, who was the father of Rodney Erwin-Jay's dad. With Jay's kids and grandkids, many generations have grown to love this little valley.
Our oldest, Jarold, is married to Antonia, with one son, Conlan. They live down the creek a mile or so. Justin just completed his Masters at U of U. Kara and husband Tanner live next door. They have a daughter, Leanna, and Tanner's little brother Stockton lives with them. Edward is serving a mission in Scotland. The four youngest are Melea, Jennifer, Alyssa, and Brittany, who is ten.
A favorite family tradition is the 4th of July Gunlock Rodeo. Jay's Dad hitchhiked home from army base Fort Ord in California to make it to the first one in 1945, and hasn't missed one since. We all enjoy being involved in putting on a good show and creating great memories. It is wonderful when someone brings their kids and grandkids out to the rodeo, because they want them to feel the same spirit they felt here as a child.
We are truly grateful for our Gunlock roots.

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