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Thursday, September 4, 2008


By Sara Laub
The Gunlock Special Service District mailed out a newsletter with a history of the water project, park accomplishments, and other items that have happened through 2008 so far. Many people have commented that they were surprised and very glad to receive such a letter from the GSSD and grateful the history was sent out to make sure they were informed. I am one of those people as well.
The Gunlock Informer gives the very purpose of informing the people of Gunlock and so naturally I was very happy that I was not the only one informing people.
I do feel the need to clarify a concern that was brought to my attention from a few people in town. The Gunlock Informer had stated in an article that "the town might be able to stop chlorinating the water because recent water tests have passed inspection"; and the newsletter from the GSSD said The Gunlock Informer was incorrect and the system would have to be chlorinated. The concern came from people thinking the GSSD was putting The Gunlock Informer down and I just wanted to say that I don't believe that was the intent of the GSSD.
I believe it is the job of the GSSD to clarify anything the people in town may have misunderstood about how they run the town water, and correcting an article from the local newsletter is exactly what they need to do to accomplish their duty.
In continuing to clarify, Director Nadine Heaton had said in the May meeting that according to her contacts from the state, Gunlock may have the option to not chlorinate the water but that was only given the best circumstance for water cleanliness, as more tests needed to be done over a period of time. As stated in the GSSD newsletter, the water in Gunlock does not have the option to go without the use of chlorine because the water does not meet the required standards (as more tests have been done).
This concern may not have bothered many in the town but I had heard enough concern that I felt the need to inform people just as the GSSD newsletter did.

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