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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Submitted by Rose Nawrocki
On July 20, 2008 TR was mowing the grass in our back yard. I was standing at the kitchen sink when one of our dogs was jumping and biting at himself, concerned I started out the back door and passed the dog running in whimpering. I knew immediately something was not right. When I got to our back door what I saw I would have never believed if I had not seen it. TR was slaping at his face while it was totally engulfed in a funnel of bees. I yelled for TR to get into the back porch, which he hesitated in doing so, him being aware I am allergic to bees, after yelling louder he ran into the house. His shirt was covered with bees which I immediately pulled his shirt off and threw it into the washer which was currently being used and was full of water. He went into the house while I killed about 7 bees that had gotten into the porch.
We went to the front of the house to get our other dog, the front door was now covered with these angry bees. We got the dog into the house pulled bees off of her and killed 20 or so that had gotten into the house while letting the dog in. We calmed down once all was safe in the house. The outside of the house was surrounded by the vicious bees. We actually watched the bees attack and go after the hummingbirds. I ended up pulling 7 stingers out of TR's face.
Later I went to the back of the house and quietly looked out the window to see what these bees where up to. Within 3-4 minutes the bees had covered the screen and were attacking it.
On Monday I called Morgan Pest, and basically relayed this same information to them. The gentlemen I spoke to and informed me he had 10 years experience with killer bees. Last year there was a case in Beryl and a dog was killed by the bees. (These bees had been lab tested and were the African Killer Bees.) Two years ago a case in St George occurred, a man was attacked while mowing his yard. (These bees had been lab tested and were not African Killer Bees but were hybrid killer bees.) Morgan explained that these killer bees go for the face and the head because they take in what we exhale, which explained the attact at the screen I was standing at and TR's face being stung so much.
When Morgan Pest came out on July 28, 2008 this was the outcome:
They went upstairs opposite the outside hole which had been discovered the spot the bees had entered. They cut a 3ft x 4ft hole in the wall and uncovered the hive. They destroyed over 50 lbs of honey and over 5,000 (yes this is a correct amount not a typo) Bees, including the Queen Bee. Approximately 200 were taken as specimen to send to the lab. These bees had been building this hive for approximately 1 year.
We became quite concerned seeing how over the last year we have only seen a few bees here and there nothing to alarm us of the volume being built inside our walls. Morgan explained that as the bees gradually increased in volume they became more aggressive and protective to their hive. The loud noise of the lawn mower was just the final straw.
While we were safe and all our critters were safe Morgan did say these bees could kill horses, dogs, cats and if stung enough humans, especially those of us that are allergic.
EVERYONE please take safety measures to watch for any bees and do not assume there are just a few here or there. These bees are very aggressive and deadly.
We love our home and our neighbors in our wonderful town of GUNLOCK and we pray these bees have moved elsewhere (back to Africa would be nice).

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