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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Todd Taylor Family

Todd & Alesi met in college while attending BYU-Hawaii. They were married in the St George Temple on December 17 1994. Since then four members have been added to the family. They are Keikikalani (11yrs), Lavenia (10yrs), Talmage (7yrs) & Lomani (5yrs). They have been living in Gunlock for two years. Todd works as a CFO for TruAudio. Alesi is the Family Manager & the children attend Red Mountain Elementary except for Keiki who attends Lava Ridge Intermediate. The Taylor family enjoys outdoor activities, playing sports, watching movies, & just doing things together as a family.
Before Gunlock, the Taylors lived in New Zealand for 4 years, and before that they lived in Fiji for 3 yrs. They have also lived in Arizona, Hawaii, & Oklahoma. The other country the family have been to but not lived in is Tahiti.
Why Gunlock? Well, after hearing a lot of great things about Gunlock from their parents, Randee & Terry Taylor, they decided to follow in their footstep and settle in Gunlock. They feel that Gunlock is a wonderful & special place. The scenery is beautiful and the people that live in it make the place even more special.
The Taylors are in the process of building their dream home in the North end of town, up on the hill. "We know this is going to be a long & stressful process but it’s a process we are willing to take just because we love this place".

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