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Friday, February 6, 2009

Radio Safety for NWSSD

By Sara Laub
The Northwest Special Service District (NWSSD) wants to invite everyone to come to their meeting on February 4, 2009 to help discuss the radio problems. The NWSSD used a $22,000 grant and $33,000 from their budget to put a new repeater tower in behind the Brookside Fire Station to help the repeater located on Flat Top serve the fire departments' needs. The repeater on Flat Top has been turned down to provide other Washington County services, but the signal is not strong enough to serve the district.
Steve Haluska is the Chairman of the NWSSD and his main concerns for the district are: there is no communication during fires, firefighters are not getting pages, and the fire fighters have to use their own cell phones. This is a great concern for the public safety and also the firefighters' safety who serve in our district. Gunlock has the worst radio communication in the district and cannot receive pages. The district was told they would be assigned another frequency from the Flat Top tower but it has not happened yet. Now, the NWSSD is asking for your support to get this radio problem fixed so they can serve the district as it should be served. Please call Steve Haluska at 632-3214 for questions or concerns.

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