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Friday, February 6, 2009


By Sara Laub
There are a couple of issues going on in our unincorporated area in Washington County. We have problems with our fire department radio towers and the county wants to create a transportation district. It seems like we have a lot of SSDs to deal with right now.
Since we live in the Special Service District we should keep track of it. Communication for the fire departments is a big deal, especially since we pay our yearly tax for their protection and service. The radio should work properly.
Do we need a transportation district? There is a form to fill out if people would like to protest the Washington County Transportation District. This should be turned in by February 4th to protest within 15 days of the January 20th meeting, as stated in the letter that was sent out to the public. There was talk that another meeting could address this issue again this month, so be alert to express your “yea” or “nay.”
In my opinion, I think we should be involved in the affairs that effect us. These two issues directly involve us and unlike other political issues, we do have a direct say. Whether we are for or against the issues at hand, we should make our voices heard in the unincorporated area of Washington County.

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