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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

April GSSD Meeting

By Rachel Campbell
Another month gone by and there is progress on the front of the chlorination system. It has been determined that a small, cinderblock building will be built on the Smith’s ranch to house the unit. Also, an underground apparatus will be put in near the tanks. With this new system, the water board is hopeful that we will finally meet state standards in this field. The cost for the system was placed at roughly $22,000. The water board will be submitting a grant application with the state to cover the cost.
The park was on the agenda again. With the recently installed playground equipment, the park has a whole new look. Professional playground equipment installers were called in for insurance purposes. Hopes are, with the two pieces, that the younger, smaller children can use the smaller equipment with less of a chance of the bigger children running them over.

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