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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day Gifts You May or May Not Want to Give

By Kevin Laub
I know you have all been hoping for my insights on this topic, so I have given some thought and have come up with some real helps this year as you purchase gifts for your mother.
Ammunition: great if mom’s a redneck, not so great if she’s a serial killer.
Power Tools: great if mom’s handy/crafty, not so great if she wants you to use them for her big home improvement project she’s been planning.
Kitchen Knives: great if your mom loves the culinary arts but not so great if she has a habit of throwing things when mad.
New Watch: great if mom’s old one broke but not so great if she’s habitually late (she might misunderstand).
New Dress: great if mom likes clothing but not so great if you bought it 3 sizes too big.
It is always wise to consult with a friend or family member before giving a gift. Then you will know the sensitivity level you have to abide by. Good luck.

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