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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crazy vs Normal

By Sara Laub
According to Webster’s Illustrated Dictionary, crazy and normal are defined as:
Crazy: insane; unsound; rickety; wildly eager or desirous.
Normal: regular; natural; customary; according to standard or rule. Having average intelligence and physical condition.
There seems to be an illusion that takes place when we are with other people and observing ourselves. There is this expectation for people to behave with a certain standard, mostly defined as normal, which seems fairly irrational if looked into closer.
Why do we expect people and ourselves to be normal? Normal is just average and not many people are average at all the things in life. Most people have talents exceeding normalcy and other traits would be considered below average, and the rest are left to varying degrees in between.
Why do we assume people are normal? If we expected people to be crazy then we would never be disappointed. It would be easier to tolerate the behaviors of others if we knew we would get something unsound or rickety.
But then, how boring would it be if we were all normal? I’m not sure that we would be happier as average and expecting normalcy. Pursuing wildly eager or desirous things in life gives us personality and so the questions turns to: Is being crazy bad? It certainly has made the claim but perhaps our definition of ideas and words is not always what we have been accustomed to.
If normal is being average then who developed this standard or rule of how people should behave? I’m not sure anyone can answer this but I am certain this was not a normal person. This leads to the conclusion that normal is a fictitious thing that just doesn’t exist. Nobody is normal. Why do people bind and restrict themselves to the illusion of what people portray as normal? If there is no harm and no rights are being infringed on, then feel the freedom of being an individual. Allow yourself to live, chase dreams, pursue goals. However, I strongly believe values should not be lost in the process. Of course we need to allow others the same benefit of defying the standard of normal too.
Now I ask: What is crazy, normal, and the reality of who people are? And are you being yourself or are you trying to be normal?

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